Indian Wedding Invitations

At a time when e-invites are ruling the roost, Indian wedding invitation cards still cling to parchment and mirror work. In fact, Indian wedding invitation cards are being reinvented and are very much in demand because they are unique, quaint and quite rare. It is no exaggeration to say that marriage invites are a matter of pride and honor for many families! Many couples select antique designs and send the elaborately printed cards to their friends and relatives far away.

These days, many Indian families living abroad hold wedding ceremonies outside India, or they rush to India for the ceremony. In such cases, it is important to plan for and print the invitation card ahead of time.

There are two ways in which marriage invites may be designed and printed. The first option is to approach a traditional wedding invitation printing company and get the card printed from them. However, if you live outside India or are looking for a good variety of designs to choose from, this option may not suit your needs. The second alternative is to opt for online wedding invitation card suppliers that specialize in Indian wedding cards. It is important to buy from specialists because traditional Indian wedding cards are steeped in religious and cultural significance. No one can design and create Indian wedding cards better than those who have ample experience doing it.

Indian wedding invitations may be divided into various broad categories:

Religious wedding invitations: Specific designs, colors and styles are preferred by people belonging to different communities. Therefore, there are different invitation cards for the Hindu wedding, the Sikh wedding, the Muslim wedding and so on. However, whether the cards are for a Muslim Nikaah or for the Sikh Anand Karjat, one may expect intricate designs and beautiful ornaments on the wedding card itself. In fact, vibrant colors, traditional designs and rich decoration are a vital and inseparable part of Indian marriage invites.

Interfaith wedding invitations: These wedding cards are becoming more popular with the passage of time as inter-faith marriages are quite new for India. Some of the designs are delightful and quite non-conventional.

Benefits Of Custom Wedding Invitations

There is nothing more important and auspicious than that special day in your life when tie knot with your beloved. The majority of people spend huge money to make sure that everything is perfect. They spent money on food for guests, flowers and decorations, wedding dress, cakes and the limo. Moreover, there are many couples who dont realize that equal importance should be given to other things while preparation before the actual ceremony takes place. Wedding invitation is one such thing and is vital to letting your guests know where to go and other necessary information pertaining to your ceremony.

There are hundred of reasons why couples prefer custom wedding invitations. The following are the benefits of opting custom wedding invitations as opposed to just buying ready made invitation cards:

Customized work on your invitations will facilitate you to have an invite that suits and matches the overall theme of your wedding.

Couples are not restricted by templates, they are free to select whatever designs and wordings they want to express their feelings in the wedding card.

The uniqueness of special custom wedding invitation is intriguing- many couples want to choose something that is very exceptional and memorable for both their guests and for themselves to make their wedding memorable.

From sophisticated to fun, elegant to sassy, you can easily design wedding cards that match your theme, your colours and you. But finding the right service provider to customize your invitations can be a daunting task. There are many different wedding invitations companies in Melbourne that will cater to all your needs and requirements. To avoid any hassle in the future it is wise to browse their wide selection of professionally designed templates until you get something that resonates with who you are as a couple.

Once you find the perfect design, take some time to play around with colours, text format, typeface and placement. It is essential to take note of your options when it comes to customizability of your wedding invitations. If the company provides very little in the terms of customizability, it is probably a good idea to steer clear of them.

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How To Make Beautiful Diy Wedding Invitations Using Templates

The age of computers has made life more wonderful in many ways. One of these is that there are templates available that will make designing your own DIY wedding invitations quick and easy. You can find free templates on the Internet, or if you have some card and invitation software, use this to design your cards. Card software is a good choice if you cannot locate just what you want online. The software will allow you to design your invitations any way you like.

You will need to decide whether you want white cardstock paper or a color that coordinates with your wedding colors. You can find many options at wedding supplies stores. After you find the template you want to use, print off a sample to see how it looks. You may decide to use a font that you would not ordinarily use that will look fancy and festive, such as a handwriting one that will be unique. To save your cardstock, you can practice with various fonts on plain paper until you find one you like best. Some templates also allow you to add graphics to further customize your DIY wedding invitations. Usually the graphics cannot be changed and must be used as they are. This does not have to be limiting if you have time to browse through other templates to see if they have more to offer that you may like better.

Most invitation templates come in 8.5 by 11 inch format. They often allow you to change the size in a graphics program by increasing or decreasing it, but you may need a different size cardstock if you change anything. If you have never adjusted your printer to another size, it may take time to do this, so you will want to allow extra time when making your own wedding invitations.

Once you have printed your invitations, you can decorate them to make them reflect your individual wedding theme by using stamps or other accents. If you have a paper punch, you can add a decorative border along the edges for a beautiful look, or add other touches to make them uniquely your own.

Pocket Folder As Wedding Invitations!

Stylish and refined, wedding pocket folders are getting popularity with each day passing. This is a tri-fold card that opens up to expose the invitation in the center. It contains a side pocket used to keep the RSVP card and envelope in it. Majority of these printable invitation pocket folders kits go together with a vellum sheet that goes over middle section. Here are a few important tips to make your wedding invite truly unique.
The foremost thing to be considered is color selection; the color you select for your pocket folder can be an elegant Pearl or Silver Mist to bright Watermelon Pink, Flame Orange or chic Black. Select your color as per occasion as there are different categories of wedding invitations and so the color ranges, such as formal or informal; the bridal colors; the time of year; and certainly, your own favorite.
The next thing that truly affects the wedding invitation is printing. There are three methods that you can just Personalized Stickers your invites:
Wording and font styles
Complementary ink colors
Printing the vellum
In case you are going to arrange a formal wedding party, the invitations are generally written in the third person style in a classic font, for instance Roman. And as far as the formal weddings are concerned, you have a less options to select from. A lot of websites reveals samples of wording and font styles that are unique; thus, you can do some research and experiment with the wording and font style that suite your requirement and taste well.
Ink Colors are quite an excellent mode to be artistic with your invites. Black and gold inks are mostly used if you go for making invitations for formal wedding party and for informal wedding invitations, pink, blue and green colors go well. The only thing to be noticed and taken care of is the ink, which should be strong enough to be read easily. One of the most significant and vital trends is bumper sticker Printing the Vellum. Generally, it is printed with the first names of the bride and groom in a divergent ink color and then placed over the printed invitation.
Now, when you have your card printed, you have to tie it up some way and for that purpose you can use ribbons tied either in a love knot or bow. The ribbon should look well with the bridal colors and should be ideal for either formal or informal invitations.

Printable Wedding Invitations Cards

Not a lot of people know this, but you can save a lot of money by using printable wedding invitations cards instead of ordering those custom-made cards at special stationary shops and cards and invitation designing stores. Normally, a single wedding invitation that you get at the shop can cost about $4.00 to $8.00 a card. Mind you this is just the main wedding invitation. This does not include other cards such as RSVP cards, reception cards and thank you cards. Imagine if you want to invite 100 people to the wedding. This would mean that you have to spend about $400 to $800 alone for the invitations. Yes, these invitations are beautifully made and are great keepsake. But if you want to save while getting beautiful and one of a kind invitations, try going online.

Printable wedding invitations cards are found all over the net. There are countless websites that offer card designing and printing services at a much cheaper price. Some charge as low as $2 per invitation. These card creators are easy to use so you dont need to be a master with computers when making them. The sites also give you instructions on what to do or would present you steps on how to make the cards. You also dont have to be a master in design when making them. There are ready-made designs that you can use if you feel that you can make a design of your own. But if youre feeling creative, you can freely change the templates into whatever you want your printable wedding invitations cards to look like.

People become hesitant in using printable wedding invitations cards since they think it takes a lot of time to design and print. For the designing, its a matter of the decisions you make. Its up to you and when you can finish designing the cards. As for printing, it actually takes the site a day or two to print out your orders. After they get printed out, they mail your invitations to you is as short as one to two days. Expect to get your printable invitation after ordering them in just a few days. This is definitely a shorter with then ordering invitations at the shop which usually arrives a week after you order them.

A site that offers beautiful and one of a kind printable wedding invitations cards for less is jack and jill wedding The site also has promos and special on their printable wedding invitations cards templates so you can save more on your dream invitations.

Personalized Wedding Invitations – Your ‘how To’ Guide

A wedding invite is so much more than a fact sheet. It does, of course, outline the where and when of your special day, but it also sets the tone for the entire event. That’s why personalized wedding invitations are a great way to invite your guests. Here are five easy ways to create one of kind wedding invites.

You oughta be in pictures

A photo is the perfect way to create one of a kind invitations. Whether it’s a fun, casual shot or a formal engagement pic, personalized invitations give your guests a cherished keepsake of the special day. Professional invitation specialists offer photo invitations, but you can also create and print them at home.

Make your mark

Need a super-simple way to create personalized wedding invitations? Invest in an embosser that has the initials of you and your future spouse. Adding your embossed initials to envelope flaps is a classy way to make your invitations unique. Using the embosser is as easy as using a hole punch, making it an ideal choice for even the most un-crafty brides. Easy, elegant, and affordable – consider an embosser for your one of a kind invitations.

Be charming

One of a kind invitations can also be created by adding charms to your wedding invites. Is your signature color pink (or blush or bashful)? Let everyone know this is your special day by hanging or gluing a colored gem from your invitation. Maybe your faith is an important part of your life? Add a charm in the shape of a Star of David or a cross to a ribbon laced through your one of a kind wedding invites.

Although it can be time consuming to add charms to make wedding invites, it’s not very difficult. If you run into snags, consider looking at online instructional videos posted on popular how-to websites.

Go on location

Perhaps you and your future spouse met during freshman year in college? Maybe he proposed at the the Eiffel Tower? Tell the story of your love by adding a personal photo or image to your wedding invites. Choose a photo of a special place as the background for your invite. If you have a talented, artsy pal, enlist him or her to draw the location and use that for your personalized wedding invitation. Like using personal pictures, you can hire a professional printer or print them yourself.

Put your stamp on it

A fun way to create personalized wedding invitations, RSVP cards, or thank you notes is to use custom stamps from the U.S. Postal Service. These stamps are real U.S. postage and can be personalized with photos. If you or someone you know is a creative type, craft your personalized wedding invitations with your own logo or monogram and put that on your stamp.

Designing Your Color Theme Based Wedding Invitations

You have to keep in mind that wedding invitations certainly do need good themes to make it very much effective. Without a perfect wedding theme your wedding invitations may certainly not be very much effective and all your efforts and planning may be of no use. There are a number of different options that are available over the internet and you may not have to browse too much for getting the perfect theme for your invitations. In case you are looking for a very effective wedding invitations theme and you want it to be very much traditional you can always try to make use of colors for representing them.

And even before you make up your mind of making use of common color combinations like pink, yellow or blue you can always check out the various articles that are related to applying different color combinations so that your engraved Wedding Invitationscan always detail some of the great ideas. Even before you start with choosing colors you certainly may like to begin with the articles that are related to different color themes. You can always learn a lot more about colors like which color is best suited for your type of wedding invitations so that you can always be sure that it crease a nice impression over your bride.

You can also get some of the latest color combinations based on the color of the brides dress or even the occasion or the festival that is nearing so that you can always make it a memorable moment for your lifetime. There are a number of websites over the internet from where you may certainly get some of the best ideas for your Engraved Wedding Invitations
that you might get anywhere else in any offline card stores. You can always look for different ways to connect some of the colors with some of the bigger themes like valentines days or even nature.

You can always go through different articles based on wedding invitations and then make all your decision by seeking the help of someone from your family or even your friends. You can choose different combinations of different paper styles and shapes such as square or even rectangle or oval and decide the best color combination that may very well match with the theme that you have provided. You have to keep in mind that when designing your own wedding invitations you can always manage to get a lot of information from these articles and you certainly may find that your work has in fact become much easier.

Unique Sizes Of Wedding Invitations

The choices associated with wedding invitations are truly endless. One of your first selections will involve the wide range of sizes and shapes available. Many common sizes are typically in the area of 5 1/2″ x 8″, give or take a little on each side. Here we are going to discuss a few unique sizes that have become popular and are quite distinctive in their appearance. It will be helpful to become familiar with them in preparation for your wedding invitation shopping.

Square invitations are typically single cards that are larger in size often requiring extra mailing postage. This notation may appear within the product description but you should always take one that is ready to mail to the Post Office for an official opinion.

Tea length wedding invitations are typically 9 1/4″ x 4″ making them a unique size. Their design can be built around a vertical or horizontal layout.

Seal n send invitations are longer in length due to their multi-panel design with the very bottom panel being a response postcard that easily detaches for guests to return. This all-in-one invitation design is folded up and sealed into its own self-mailing piece using marked folding lines. They are known as being economical since they don’t require a mailing envelope and the response postcard that is attached eliminates a return envelope and saves on postage since only a postcard stamp is needed. Prices usually include the printing of both the return address on the outside panel and the return mailing address on the response postcard.

Pocket wedding invites come in various sizes, especially in their pre-assembled form. A pocket for holding enclosure cards can appear on the side or at the bottom, depending on the design. The invitation card itself can be square or long in length which will determine the finished size once it’s all assembled for mailing. Again, be sure to check with the Post Office to be sure you are using the correct amount of postage, especially on self-mailer pocket styles.

Shapes If you are looking for a truly novel way to announce your wedding to family and friends, specially shaped invitations could be the answer. Examples of themed shapes include autumn leaves, seashells, luggage tags, vineyard wine bottles, playing cards/poker chips, etc. If the unique shapes are compact in size, your information may be spread over several themed cards that are creatively connected by a piece of ribbon. On occasion, even enclosure cards may be in a shape closely related to the themed invitation. Choosing a shape design will certainly make your invitations memorable.
You’ll probably encounter many sizes of wedding invitations or you may decide to seek out one of the specific sizes mentioned here if it sounds interesting to you.

Scroll Wedding Invitations Add A Majestic Element To Your Wedding

Wedding is an auspicious moment in ones life. A lot of arrangements have to be made to make it best in every manner. The most confusing moment during arrangements comes when you have to decide for wedding invitations. Invitation cards are the first impression of your wedding received by your guests and relatives. These cards make them decide whether they have to attend the function. This also gives them the idea about the standard of wedding. Therefore, wedding cards should be special and unique.

These days scroll wedding invitations are in high demand. This is due to their rich and royal look. Selecting these cards symbolizes an elegant wedding. You can find such cards at different online wedding cards shop. One of the best options for buying cards is the Here, you can find best and varied types of cards at affordable prices. These cards also termed as Farman and can be used for wedding in Hindu, Muslim or Sikh religion. offers you wide range of designs, colors and varieties in these cards. This online shop has a huge catalogue displaying scroll invitations made up of handmade paper, vellum paper, velvet or cloth. Each variety of cards is available to its customers in different color. Once you select the design, you can compare it with different colors and pick the best one. This online wedding card shop also gives you scroll cards for other celebrations like birthday, anniversaries etc so you can also give a regal tough to these functions. also offers you convenience of buying cards online. Once you have decided about the design, you can contact their team. They will deliver your wedding invitations right at your door. They also offer discounts at occasions or to their regular clients.

The years of experience and creative minds of their team have made this shop stand at the top of the wedding cards shops. Its team aims for the best quality to satisfy their customers. Its their quality work only that is continuously increasing their clients list from all over the world. We would suggest you to visit this online shop once. You will definitely get the desired quality and variety at reasonable prices. You will not regret your decision ever. Scroll wedding invitations add a royal look to the wedding, and you will definitely get an appreciation for your choice.

Wedding Invitations For The Second Time Around

Traditional wedding invitations were designed for the couple getting married for the first time. However, if you are planning your second wedding you may be confused about how to word your wedding invitations. Should the bride return to the maiden name or should the couple refer to their children? Sometimes you want to go beyond the traditional for the second time around. Here are some alternative ways to word the wedding invitation:

If the Bride’s Parents are Throwing the Wedding:

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Susanna Smith-Johnson
Jackson Paul McKenna
Saturday, the third of March
at six o’clock in the evening
Lapis Hotel
Jacksonville, Florida

If the Couple is Throwing the Wedding:

The honor of your presence is requested
at the marriage of Susanna Smith-Johnson
Jackson Paul McKenna
Saturday, the third of March
at six o’clock in the evening
Lapis Hotel
Jacksonville, Florida

If You Want to Acknowledge the Second Wedding:

Please join us
As we celebrate a special time of love, laughter, and new beginnings
At the marriage of
Susanna Smith-Johnson
Jackson Paul McKennna
Saturday, March 3, 2007
at 6 o’clock in the evening
Lapis Hotel
Jacksonville, Florida

If you want to include children there are several ways to accommodate this request on your wedding invitations. Here are several samples of wedding invitations that added the children:

For a Child Participating in the Wedding:

Please join
Susanna Smith-Johnson
Jackson Paul McKenna
as they share their marriage vows
together with their daughter Alexandra
Saturday, March 3, 2007
at 6 o’clock in the evening
Lapis Hotel
Jacksonville, Florida

If Your Child Is the Host of the Wedding:

Miss Alexandra Johnson
requests the honor of your presence
at the marriage of her mother
Susanna Smith-Johnson
Jackson Paul McKenna
Saturday, the third of March
at six o’clock in the evening
Lapis Hotel
Jacksonville, Florida